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Plug and Play Joystick Harness Compatible With Sanwa Style Joystick & Arcade1Up (Single)

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$4.49 - $4.69
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What Version Encoder Does Your Arcade1Up Have?: Wave 1/2 Double 4 Pin (12 Inches)

There are 2 different 4 pin cables for these joysticks. Please look at the images below and determine which cable you need.

1.Double 4 Pin Wave 1/2 will have two 4 pin cables + a 40 pin IDE connection
2. On Costco and some wave 3 we have see the double 4 pin + a 12 pin connection

Can we answer what you have? Yes send us a pic if you do not understand. Can we tell you without a pic because you bought it from a certain store? No. A1U seems to just install stuff at random :/


This cable witll connect to a sanwa style joystick and to Arcade1Up board. This makes a plug and play solution for joystick replacement.

Your joysticks MUST be mounted and turned EXACTLY as picured for these to be be plug and play. Please contact us with any questions.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for installing JLF levers on Marvel vs Capcom/Street fighter Arcade1up cabinets

Perfect for installing JLF levers on Marvel vs Capcom/Street fighter Arcade1up cabinets as one end of the harness goes perfectly into the arcade1up pcb and the other into the jlf lever pcb.

carey betbeze

I have an arcade 1-up mrs pacman and it worked perfect!

Mvc2 1UP Cab to Sanwa Lever

Just what i was looking for easy plug and play thank you.

Exactly what I needed.

I first tried wiring my replacement joystick myself but I was not sure where all the wires went and did not want to accidentally damage my new joystick. Purchased this wiring adapter and just plugged it in and everything worked as it should.

Andrew Jeynes
Pac Man

Joystick is NOT compatible with 1up Pac Man. Fast shipping though

This cable WILL work perfect for PacMan 3/4 Scale. We have sold thousands for that machine. If yours does not work then you choose the incorrect version of the cable or have it mounted in correct.