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5 Pin Plug and Play Joystick Harness Compatible With Sanwa Style Joystick & Arcade1Up (Single)

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This cable witll connect to a sanwa style joystick and to Arcade1Up board that has a 5 pin style connector. This makes a plug and play solution for joystick replacement.

Your joysticks MUST be mounted and turned EXACTLY as picured for these to be be plug and play. Please contact us with any questions.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Product

Love this product, i have purchased it over 10 times. The only gripe I have is the joystick they show here in the listing is not what you get when you buy a sanwa Joystick anywhere else, so you get the harness incorrectly wired because it’s wired to the joystick shown in this listing. . I have never seen a sanwa joystick with the connections on the top of the joystick like shown here. therefore i have to change the wiring up every single time I buy this The reason I’m saying this is because most people won’t know how to wire it up correctly. I have attached the correct wiring for a Sanwa joystick into an arcade1up below.

Nikolas Miner

I was originally sent the wrong 🕹️ After determining, with a representative, that it was the wrong 🕹️, he immediately shipped the correct unit the I received in a couple of days. The harness was the correct item. Overall, I am satisfied with my experience. Thank you