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Sanwa Joystick To 0.187 Terminal Jamma Harness Adapter

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Use this cable to hook a Sanwa joystick into a standard 0.187 terminal end jamma hanress. Simply plug the U D L R into the correct slots and hook the ground into the jamma daisy chain ground loop. Makes for super clean and easy install of a Sanwa.


*Sanwa Joystick Not Included, cable only.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great product!

Makes installing a sanwa to a standard jamma harness a breeze!

Edwin M Anderson

great product, fast delivery

John Kendall sr
SANWA Joystick

This has to be the best joystick I have had the movement is nice and strong with no lack of hesitation I really like Thanks DIY

Cary Fox
1st Build with Ipac Ultimate

Perfect connection. Also just the right length to do wire management to keep underside of control panel neat.

Matthew Griffin
So easy.

If you are converting to a Sanwa - USE THIS HARNESS. Trust me. You can't just use the standard Sanwa wire set - the colors do not match AND it does not have the necessary black ground for each switch. This one fixes that issue. NOTE THAT the RED AND THE ORANGE wires on this harness are swapped - so make sure when you install wire the harness red to the jamma orange, and the harness orange to the jamma red. Trust me on this!